Ethical Policy

The industry in which we work is one where advances in technology inevitably result in the redundancy of older equipment. We are therefore committed to ensuring that we work in the most efficient, and ethically correct way possible by minimising waste, energy consumption and unnecessary effort.

These aims will be achieved by:

  • Replacing older equipment only when options for upgrading or refurbishment have been exhausted.
  • Re-deploying rather than disposing of older equipment to maximise its useful life.
  • Repairing equipment that might otherwise be disposed of.
  • Ensuring that any equipment that cannot be re-deployed or repaired is correctly disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way.
  • Minimising shipping miles by working with suppliers who are located geographically close to our offices.
  • Avoiding purchasing products from manufacturers who we consider to use excessive packaging or whose products are not environmentally friendly or are produced in a socially irresponsible manner.
  • Configuring the systems we provide and support to minimise so far as possible energy usage.
  • Regularly reviewing ways we can minimise our energy usage for both ourselves and our clients.

As a business, we must make a profit in order grow and invest in our products, services and staff however our profits are not made at the expense of the environment or social conditions.

Our ethical policy applies just as much to our staff as it does to our customers and suppliers and so we will:

  • Employ people based only on their ability to do the job required and not on the basis of their age, sex, creed, race or beliefs.
  • Not discriminate in any way other than ability to do the job - we will not work with those who do not do likewise.

Our business believes in being fair and trustworthy in all its dealings and when we purchase goods and services it is our policy to always pay our suppliers on time.

If you require any further information regarding any of the policies made in this statement, please contact us.